“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning” -- Plato 


private voice & music lessons

We'll start with warm-ups and specific to your voice type to develop and improve your vocal technique and increase your range. Release tension and relax your voice with exercises that include aspects of Alexander Technique and simple yoga postures. We'll work through problem areas in your repertoire and improve on your aural and sight-reading skills with Solfege and rhythmic exercises.

There's more to singing than just having a good voice. Performing requires a level of musicianship that will allow you to communicate your needs as a performer with your director, sound engineer, and other musicians. 

A firm grasp in piano, music theory, sight-singing, and music history is a must in today's competitive world of performing. Every good singer should be a true musician; I will give you all of the ammunition you need to be light years ahead of your competition!

A Typical Lesson

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In her voice studio, Ms. Bach concentrates on Bel Canto technique, evoking the correct and fullest expression of the voice through proper diction and repertoire, breath, alignment, and vocal health. As the student becomes more acquainted with his/her own voice and it's unique challenges, Ms. Bach will begin to work through a series of exercises called Garcia-Marchesi, with which the student begins to strengthen and stimulate the voice and surrounding muscles. Voice technique takes years to develop and regular practice to maintain. Every professional singer was once an aspiring professional singer and Ms. Bach will give you all the tools you need to navigate this process. 

On stage, soprano Corinne Bach has toured with Broadway musicals, large-scale revues, performed many leading roles in regional opera and theatre productions, opened for Paul Reiser in Atlantic City, toured with Sarah Brightman, was the soprano soloist on Josh Groban’s All That Echoes tour, premiered vocal works by well-known modern composers, and gets to travel the U.S. and the world with her show on luxury cruise lines where she
happily gets to practice her foreign-language diction skills.

She is a recording artist and studio singer. She sings with The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay and The Florida Orchestra, She has been seen on the big and small screen in movies, was a model and co-host for a national television network, and in her music video, "Windmills of Your Mind". Her debut album In Circles features a blend of world music and opera. 

Corinne Bach has recently joined the William Clare Entertainment group as Accounts Manager, where she pairs the best of today's national and international talent with incredible venues throughout Florida. As a student of The Bach Studio, you will have exclusive access to the inner-workings of the entertainment industry; a luxury so many students could only dream of having.

Corinne Bach holds a Bachelor and Master of Music degree with a concentration in Voice Performance and a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a concentration in Speech-Language Sciences. Her expertise in vocal health and anatomy makes her highly-specialized as a master vocal technician and her 20+ years of professional performance experience in the entertainment industry makes her the most sought-after coach and voice teacher in the Tampa Bay Area.

An actively performing professional singer, actress, music educator, Corinne Bach learns as much from her students as she teaches, but if there is one thing she hopes they can learn from her is to persevere in the face of negative chatter and self-doubt. 

About Corinne Bach

My technical approach is based in the science of vocal anatomy & physiology and in the centuries-old vocal technique of the Bel Canto method. A singer's understanding of how their vocal mechanism behaves under any circumstance is what will keep your voice healthy and singing beautifully for years to come.

I'll then take you beyond the rudimentary lesson to a professional level through coaching in acting, movement, theory, and audition preparation. Don't be intimidated, though; no one is expected to jump on the stage and perform for thousands without ensuring the proper steps to reach and achieve that goal!

We all have to start somewhere. Whether you want to go pro or simply desire to acquire a lifelong artistic outlet, The Bach Studio of Voice & Music will put you on the path to realize your dream!

Corinne Bach, director

I believe in the true "mentor/apprentice" relationship rather than that of the "teacher/student" of today's standards. We should all hold ourselves accountable to a standard that's higher than what anyone else will hold us, even at a young age.

A message to the talented: We MUST work together to shape your goals. To make a future in music and performance possible, you have to work hard and follow the path that is set for you. If you have talent, work hard, and dedicate yourself wholly, you WILL succeed! Remember, hard work will exceed talent when talent doesn't work hard. Be wary of relying too much on your natural gifts to carry you through; if you take it for granted and expect the work to come to you, you won't get very far. But if you are dedicated to your craft, you will place yourself among the Greats.


Simply put, a lesson with me is devoted to you--making the most of your vocal talent and helping you achieve your goals. Whatever style or genre you choose to sing, you will find your true voice is rooted in solid technique.


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