30-Minute Lessons, online

Tuition: $240/session

($30/lesson for 8 weeks)

60-Minute Lessons, online

Tuition $440/session

($55/lesson for 8 weeks)

A new tradition for those who thrive in the Age of Technology.

Reasons to take lessons online:

  • Mobility. You are constantly on the go but you want to stay dedicated to your work with me. 
  • Distance. I live far from you or have moved and still wish to study with me. I work with singers across the state and even six states away.
  • Time.  It works well for your schedule to have the flexibility and ease of access to the internet.

In My Studio

30-Minute Lessons, in-studio

Tuition: $280/session

($35/lesson for 8 weeks)

60-Minute Lessons, in-studio

Tuition $520/session

($65/lesson for 8 weeks)

Lessons are traditionally held in the teacher's private studio.

Reasons to take lessons at the studio:

  • Commitment. You take your singing seriously; having a place to go every week makes you more dedicated to the discipline being taught.
  • Immersion. You want to come to a studio that is wholly dedicated to music; NO DISTRACTIONS.
  • Resources. Everything you and I will need is in one place

In Your Home

30-Minute Lessons, in-home

Tuition: $320/session

($40/lesson for 8 weeks)

60-Minute Lessons, in-home

Tuition $600/session

($75/lesson for 8 weeks)

I will go the extra mile to help you or your child feel at ease in your own surroundings. *

Reasons to take lessons at home:

  • Comfort Level. If you've never taken private lessons, you may feel more secure knowing I can come to you.
  • Time Constraints. You're a busy parent who takes your kids everywhere already. It's nice to have someone come to you for a change!
  • Infirm or Disabled. I have had talented students who are wheelchair-bound who love tot sing and are members of choirs. It makes their lives a lot easier knowing I'm able to come to them.

* Must be within a 15-mile radius of Temple Terrace area.

Lesson Prices

In your home, in my studio, or online through Skype for ease of access.

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning” -- Plato 


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